Barack Obama’s Guatemalan Grandmother?

24 Oct

Snaped in San Francsico el Grande, Antigua Guatemala

I broke the cardinal rule of museum etiquette when I snapped a sneaky pic of this old photograph nailed to the wall of the museum / shrine housed in the San Francsico el Grande church in Antigua, Guatemala. At first the face of Sister Someone blended in with the clutter of other images of saints displayed in the large room. And then the uncanny likeness jumped out at me! This long-dead nun was the spitting image of US President Barack Obama!!!

You might be surprised to know that in the United States controversy surrounds the birthplace and dubious heritage of the Country’s first black President. Who knows how this new evidence of Obama’s Guatemalan ancestors will shape debates concerning the real reasons why Obama cannot produce an original birth certificate.

One Response to “Barack Obama’s Guatemalan Grandmother?”

  1. lainie November 1, 2010 at 12:24 am #

    LOL! I’ve seen that picture. So funny!

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