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21 more sleeps…

27 Feb

South East Asia route

Now that our apartment is half empty, our big adventure feels more real. Only 21 more sleeps in Australia. Only 506 hours until our we fly away into the big blue.

Unlike my last sojourn overseas, which started only days after handing in my honours thesis, I’ve devoted significant time to planning this trip.

I’ve been reading about the cities and towns I plan to visit. My attention always comes to focus on their restaurants and street-food stalls, the language and craft classes they deliver, and the museums they boast.

Alex seems always more interested in their ancient and recent history. The wars they have fought. Their political struggles. I’ve often pondered the irony of this given I am the historian.

I’m certain that our combined research efforts will make for a great adventure.

The first South East Asian leg of our journey is shown in the map above. We are committed to flexibility and have made sure that if we arrive in a place we love we can spend more time there, and quickly abandon the charmless sites we come across. (‘Committed to flexibility’? Is it just me or has public-service speak warped how I communicate? Hopefully weeks on beaches buried in books will reverses this malady. I once wrote well, with heart!)

The purpose of this Blog is to share our experiences with our families and friends, and others interested in learning from our encounters. We intend to post stories, photos and links here and welcome you to do to same. Of course we will have some access to our gmail while we are overseas, and we would love you to send updates on your lives, even though for the next twelve months they won’t be as exciting as ours 😉